The Workshop Series

The Workshop Series with WorldSuperCars

Curious about the perfect tyres for your journey? "The Workshop" series by Michelin has all the answers! 🔍💡 Not only are we diving into the world of tyres for electric vehicles, motorbikes, and more, but we're also here to guide you through essential tyre maintenance and knowledge. Learn how to check tyre pressure effectively, master the art of tyre rotation for optimal longevity, decipher tyre ratings and specifications, and much more! All of this thanks to the help of Thomas from WorldSupercars

All your burning questions about tyres answsered in video with WorldSuperCars

Our experts explain tyre markings

How to read a tire: our experts explain tire markings | THE WORKSHOP

Don’t know how to check your tyre size? Wondering how to read the numbers on your tyre sidewall? In this video, Jean-Philippe breaks down the markings on the sidewall of a tyre. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it looks!

Why should you get marked tyres?

Why should you get marked tires? | THE WORKSHOP

What exactly are marked tyres? And what are the advantages of having them fitted to your car? Sarah explains what Original Equipment - or OE - tyres are all about: how to read the tyre markings, the technology behind marked tyres and how original equipment can enhance your driving experience on and off the racetrack. Plus how to check which OE tyres are compatible with your car! 

What's the best winter tyre for an EV?

What's the best winter tire for an EV? | THE WORKSHOP

Wondering what's the best winter tyre for your EV car? MICHELIN has a variety of winter tyres for all types of conditions. In this video, Sarah explains how to choose your winter tyre for EV cars based on tyre size, road conditions and the different regulations.

Pre-ride mountain bike checks with Pierre-Edouard Ferry

Pre-ride mountain bike checks with Pierre-Edouard Ferry | THE WORKSHOP

Wondering how to prepare for a MTB ride? Unsure how to check your mountain bike or tyres? In this video, freerider PEF explains the checks to do before heading out on your mountain bike ride, including having the right safety gear, checking your MTB tyre pressure, doing some quick checks to your bike and tools you may need.

How to prepare for your motorbike road trip? 

How to prepare for your motorcycle road trip | THE WORKSHOP

Wondering how to best plan your motorbike road trip? Not sure how to prepare your bike for the trip? In this video, Andy explains everything you need to know to properly prepare your motorbike for a road trip: route planning, routine bike checks, best MICHELIN motorbike tyres for your trip.

How to choose the best rally tyre for your needs

How to choose the best rally tire for your needs | THE WORKSHOP

What are the important factors to bear in mind when choosing the best rally tyre? In this video, Ludo explains the ins and outs of choosing the right rally tyre: from driving conditions and terrain to stage profile and rubber hardness. 

Rally tyres: master tyre pressure with our experts

Rally tires: master tire pressure with our experts | THE WORKSHOP

What is the ideal rally tyre pressure? Which rally tyre pressure should you start the stage with? How can you ensure good tyre pressure on special stages?
In this video, Ludo will show you how to master rally tyre pressure so you can master the perfect stage! 

How to rotate your tyres: our experts break it down for you

How to rotate your tires: our experts break it down for you | THE WORKSHOP

Not sure how to rotate your tyres? Wondering why it’s important or how often you should rotate them? Choosing the right tyre rotation pattern depends on your vehicle and type of tyres you have fitted, whether they're directional or asymmetrical.
In this video, Sarah breaks down how to rotate your tyres based on each tyre rotation pattern, whether you've got a front wheel drive, all wheel drive or rear wheel drive! 

Check your tyres in only 5 mins

How to check your tires in 5 mins | THE WORKSHOP

How do you check tyre pressure and tyre tread wear? Wondering if it’s time to change your tyres? Not sure how to use a tyre pressure gauge? In this episode, Mattis explains how to check your tyres in just 5 minutes, covering everything from tyre pressure and uneven tread wear to tyre damage to watch out for.

How to use MICHELIN Bib MousseTM?

How to use MICHELIN Bib Mousse™ | THE WORKSHOP

Wondering how to correctly use MICHELIN Bib Mousse™? In this video, Andy explains what Bib Mousse™ is, how to fit it to your enduro, MX or rally bike, the main things to bear in mind when riding on it and how to remove it. 

Which MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyre do I need?

Which Pilot Sport tire should you get? | THE WORKSHOP

Which is the ideal MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyre? Discover the differences between the Pilot Sport 5, Pilot Sport 4s and the special track tyres Pilot Sport Cup 2 and Pilot Sport Cup R. In this video, we’ll explain how to choose the ideal MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyre for your needs and how to get the most out of them.

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