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What MICHELIN products and services are you looking for?

Welcome to the Michelin South Africa website, where we offer a variety of tyres, services, and lifestyle products to meet your mobility needs.

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Discover our tips and advice to save fuel, improve your safety and comfort on the road. All you want to know about tyres for your car, SUV or van.

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Buying tyres is important. And getting all your questions covered is just as crucial so you have it all to hand to make the best decisions.

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MICHELIN IN south africa

Working to Service the South Africa Region

Michelin... beyond tyres

Our purpose

Because we believe that mobility is essential for human development, we are innovating passionately to make it safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Our priority and firm commitment are to offer our customers uncompromising quality. Because we believe that all of us deserve personal fulfilment, we want to enable everyone to do his or her best, and to make our differences a valuable asset. Proud of our values of respect for customers, people, shareholders, the environment and facts, we are all sharing the adventure of better mobility for everyone.

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