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Making a difference where it matters with People Matter Foundation

It’s always heartening to witness the tireless efforts of individuals and corporations alike to uplift communities and give something back. It’s something we firmly believe in at Michelin, which is why we ask employees to nominate non-profit organisations that are close to their hearts. People Matter Foundation (PMF) is one such organisation.

Why People Matter Foundation?

Tino Malinga, Business Partner: Sales Administration, and Prebashni Govender, Business Support Expert at Michelin, have shown their dedication to making a positive impact by nominating People Matter Foundation (PMF), a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing humanitarian support in times of disaster. Tino and Prebashni have rolled up their sleeves and volunteered their time with PMF, experiencing firsthand the remarkable work the foundation does in communities.

Reflecting on his experience with PMF, Tino said, "Volunteering with People Matter Foundation has shown me the power of compassion and collective action. PMF's commitment to long-term recovery, from housing initiatives to poverty alleviation, aligns perfectly with Michelin's core value of respect for others.”

Echoing Tino's sentiments, Prebashni added, "People Matter Foundation exemplifies the values we hold dear at Michelin. Their work goes beyond immediate relief to create lasting change and resilience in communities. It's a privilege to support an organisation that not only aligns with our values but also actively involves volunteers like us in the process."

Making a lasting impact

PMF will be receiving a donation of R60 000 from Michelin. The contribution will enable PMF to continue its noble agenda of providing hope and assistance during disasters and making a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

In response to Michelin's support, PMF highlighted the profound impact such partnerships can have. "Michelin’s support enables us to continue our mission of providing assistance during disasters and bolstering communities for the long term,” said Pastor Phindi Mathebula, co-founder of PMF. “We are thankful for the company’s dedication to community upliftment and the donation will go a very long way."

Pastor Phindi went on to share that Michelin's donation will be specifically used for reusable sanitary pads. She added, "Michelin's funding will be going towards producing over 1 000 reusable sanitary pads for girls in need. This innovative approach empowers young girls with a sustainable solution for their menstrual hygiene needs, ensuring their dignity and overall wellness.”

A steadfast commitment to providing hope

People Matter Foundation is a beacon of hope in times of distress. Established to respond to disasters, PMF recognises the increasing complexity and duration of these crises, driven in part by climate change. While PMF acknowledges the importance of emergency response funding, it remains steadfast in its commitment to long-term recovery and building resilient communities.

PMF's dedication shone during the COVID-19 pandemic, distributing 1 997 650 food parcels from May 2020 to September 2021, and ensuring communities had sustenance and protection. They also supported over 2 000 South African Airways employees during the airline's liquidation, providing essential food packages for five months.

Beyond immediate relief, PMF embarked on housing projects, providing homes for 13 families and rebuilding three houses and a church. They kept girls in Kempton Park in classrooms during their menstrual periods by donating sanitary pads and toiletries to schools and addressed a water crisis by building two boreholes in Hammanskraal in 2023, providing the community with access to clean and safe drinking water.

Michelin’s 2050 vision in action

Michelin's CARE IN ACTION programme demonstrates our dedication to building safer, more resilient communities. This programme is a tangible embodiment of our visionary 2050 dream, which revolves around four pivotal pillars. Firstly, by supporting initiatives like reusable sanitary pad production and community upliftment, we’re contributing to the goal of "everything produced is infinitely recycled." This not only reduces waste but also creates opportunities for sustainable production.

Secondly, through its dedication to community support and job creation, Michelin strives to ensure that everybody has equal chances to have a job they love. Thirdly, our commitment to minimising its environmental footprint aligns with the ambition of "human activity reversing global warming" as we actively seek innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Finally, by improving the well-being of vulnerable communities, particularly through initiatives like sanitary pad distribution, we’re playing a role in helping everyone live healthier and longer.

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