• Passenger Car


  • Passenger Car

For luxury performance, sport-oriented passenger cars.
It has been superceded by the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 but continues to be made in some sizes.

Why should you consider this tyre?

Car picto gif lasts x miles longer tyres

High Speed Confidence and long lasting tread

car edito 08 faster shorter braking dry tyres

Outstanding performances in both wet and dry road conditions.

Car picto gif 06 quiet ride tyres

Enjoy a Quiet, Comfortable Ride

Car logo logo total performance tyres

Delivering a tyre that covers all your needs.

Tyres have their own personality: they need to express certain characteristics more passionately. With MICHELIN Total Performance, you gets all characteristics on top, without any compromise. All our tyres are made to cover all your need, thanks to MICHELIN Total Performance.

Design & Technology

auto asymetric tread pattern380x460 tyre


1. MaxTouch Construction (Handling and longevity)

Maximizes the tyre’s contact area with the road and evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering, resulting in longer wear life. and improved control on the road.

2. Asymetric Tread Pattern with Dual-Compound technology (Wet and dry performances)

An asymmetric tread design that utilizes a semi-slick outer tread and a wet inner tread design to help delivered powerful wet and dry performances

3. Comfort Control Technology (Quiet and Comfortable ride)

By using a computer-optimised design, it allows the reduction of vibration and road noise.


Standard Limited Warranty

Each and every MICHELIN tyre comes with a promise - a promise to deliver the very best. And because we have been making tyres to meticulous quality standards for more than 125 years, we back that promise. That’s why every tyre designed and manufactured by MICHELIN, is warranted by MICHELIN. Ask your dealer today about the MICHELIN 5 year warranty. 

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