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Which SUV tyres are best suited to my vehicle?

The vast majority of car tyres sold in the UK are classed as summer tyres, and most are designed for mainly on-road use.

Tips & Advice for Car, SUV & Van tyres

Summer tyres work well in most instances in the UK, apart from when temperatures drop and we are subjected to snow and ice on the roads. Some countries in Europe, which have more regular snow and ice than the UK, mandate the use of winter tyres during those periods.

Winter tyres generally have more grooves in them and a higher natural rubber content than summer alternatives, which helps with grip in cold conditions. By legislation, winter tyres have to have a 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) label, to show they are able to cope with winter conditions. Winter tyres tend to wear more quickly due to significantly increased friction, and their handling is generally not as good as summer tyres in higher temperatures. A new generation of All Season (All Weather) tyres designed for the UK has started to saturate the market — Michelin CrossClimate SUV standing out as an industry favourite. They are designed for use mainly in summer conditions with winter capabilities. All Michelin CrossClimate tyres carry a 3PMSF label.

As well as different weather conditions, SUV tyres might have to cover a variety of different vehicle usages: on-road, off-road, or a combination of the two. The majority of small/medium SUVs and Crossovers will be fitted as new with Summer On-Road tyres. Larger SUVs and 4x4s may well come with tyres that have a degree of Off-Road and or All-Season capabilities. For more information on 4x4/Off-Road tyres, please see ‘How are 4x4/Off-Road tyres Measured and Classified?’.

We would recommend that you discuss your intended vehicle usage with your vehicle or tyre dealer. They can then recommend the best tyres you for your SUV.  For more information on SUV tyre fitments please look at michelin.co.uk

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