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Rally Racing

International Rallies

The world is our laboratory track. From snowy asphalt to desert sands, see how we've been taking on the challenges of rally racing for decades to test and transfer technology to your daily tyre.

The Dakar: XtreM Lab for extreme performance

Competitors enter to fulfill a dream and test their talent in the punishing South American desert!
Requiring speed, navigation, orientation, consistency and skill over the toughest of terrains, the DAKAR is hard, complex and demanding.

With Dakar, we are experiencing a multi-facetted challenge:

  1. The sporting challenge, exploring new limits with the best drivers and riders
  2. The innovation-led challenge, the development of technology in extreme conditions
  3. The mobility-driven challenge, safety, performance and robustness.
  4. The road safety challenge, taking advantage of the DAKAR to promote awareness internationally
  5. An important challenge for MICHELIN image-led proof of the qualities of MICHELIN tyres

“It is precisely this balance between spectacle, tyre innovation and mobility of the future that gives the competition its full meaning.”

MICHELIN Motorsport Director

The World Rally Championship: be prepared to face all road conditions

The WRC is a rally race series organised by the FIA – the world governing body of motorsport –, consisting of 13 events driven on surfaces ranging from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice. It's this variation of surfaces and driving conditions that make the WRC such an important part of MICHELIN's on-going research and development for road tyres. Thus, we are the primary tyre supplier to the WRC, part of a longstanding commitment to motorsport at the highest level.

Guess the main reason? WRC is the closing gap between competition tyres and road tyres. For example, did you know that WRC regulations state that tyre tread depth must not be less than 1.6mm at any point during a rally, the same as the legal requirement on your road car! Besides, all year test done between MICHELIN and car manufacturer team helps us to make new products the best they can be. Although it's something well worth remembering next time you're at the wheel of your own car, especially if it's fitted with MICHELIN tyres, remember that all the hours Volkswagen-MICHELIN Team – winners of the WRC 2014- have spent testing and competing have something to do with their performance.

“MICHELIN tyres able to stay focused on driving without worrying about road conditions. It is just perfect!”

Jari-Matti LATVALA
Volkswagen-MICHELIN team pilot

MICHELIN’S Rally Titles

21 Driver titles and
23 Manufacturer titles at the
World Rally Championship

102 wins and
9 titles in Formula 1

360 wins and
26 titles in the MotoGP

24 wins at the
24 Hours of Le Mans

31 wins in the motorcycle category
and 17 wins in the car category
at the Dakar Rally

MICHELIN world engagement for safety through motorsport

Nearly 3,000 people die each day on the world’s roads and 50 million are injured every year. Based on this observation by the United Nations, a worldwide plan for a “decade of action on road safety 2011- 2020” has been introduced, with the aim of saving five million lives over the next 10 years. The FIA, in partnership with MICHELIN, supports this initiative and, in 2011, initiated a programme entitled ‘FIA Action for Road Safety’, a campaign which focuses on education and accident prevention in order to obtain safer roads, safer vehicles and safer attitudes across the world. If road safety is one of the key attributes of MICHELIN tyres, it also stems from education and increased awareness of the dangers drivers face.

Dominate the road with MICHELIN Pilot Sport and Latitude Sport tyres

  • Michelin


    For sport-oriented and powerful passenger cars. It has been superceded by the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 but continues to be made in some sizes.

  • Michelin


    For sport-oriented and powerful passenger cars. Acclaimed for its driving precision in all weather conditions.

  • Michelin


    For sport oriented passenger cars and ultra-high performance tuning vehicles. An exhilarating driving sensation combined with safety.

  • Michelin


    Made for the road, designed for the circuit. Make the most of your sports car with the reference tyre in its segment !

  • Michelin


    For high-performance on-road SUVs. Applying our high performance passenger car tyre range know-how to the world of SUVs.

  • Michelin


    For the highest performing on-road SUV's. Enhanced driving experience with ultimate comfort and silence.

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