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  • SUV & Crossover

For high-performance on-road SUVs.
Applying our high performance passenger car tyre range
know-how to the world of SUVs.

Why should you consider this tyre?

car edito 04 race level handling precision tyres

High Speed Confidence

Equals performance of our high performance passenger car tyre ranges.

car edito 16 no downtime tyres

Outstanding performances in both wet and dry road conditions.

Incorporates the same tread pattern found in the legendary MICHELIN Pilot Sport 2. Build to exceed the high standards of the most prestigious car manufacturers.

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Delivering a tyre that covers all your needs.

Tyres have their own personality: they need to express certain characteristics more passionately. With MICHELIN Total Performance, you gets all characteristics on top, without any compromise. All our tyres are made to cover all your need, thanks to MICHELIN Total Performance.

Design & Technology

Car logo logo total performance tyres

1. FAZ Technology (Filaments At Zero)

The only thing holding your car to the road is an area on the tyres that's the size of a hand. High speed deforms the tyre, reducing this contact surface to the road. To avoid such phenomenon, MICHELIN FAZ Technology adds nylon filaments under the tread, precisely where they need to be, ensuring handling and tread longevity are maximsed whatever the speed.

2. Asymetric tread pattern with Dual-Compound technology (Wet and dry performances)

Specific rubber compound and larger tread on the inner side to optimise grip on wet road, combined with a motorsport compound on the outer side for outstanding performances in the dry.


Standard Limited Warranty

Each and every MICHELIN tyre comes with a promise - a promise to deliver the very best. And because we have been making tyres to meticulous quality standards for more than 125 years, we back that promise. That’s why every tyre designed and manufactured by MICHELIN, is warranted by MICHELIN. Ask your dealer today about the MICHELIN 5 year warranty.

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105 reviews
4 / 5


thePAINTITguy - May 2, 2015

I read the warranty and understand they're not "lifetime" tires but for my Lincoln MKT, they're OUTSTANDING! I've had them ONE DAY and I'm prepared to swear by them tonight after putting the SUV back in the garage. I can say that because I just returned from having the Pilot AS3's removed. I bought them a month ago to replace an inferior brand that bit the dust (due to splits in the sidewalls) and REALLY hated them. They were OUTRAGEOUSLY loud. Michelin stands by their products and replaced the Pilots with Latitude Sports (an upcharge to me, but well worth the cost!!). I'm THRILLED. They're strong, grippy as heck (if I can use that word?) and Q-U-I-E-T. I pulled out of the Lincoln dealer and knew instantaneously that I was on the right track with these Latitude Sports! When they wear out, I'll plunk down another handful of change and buy another set! Thank you, Michelin. Could not be happier!!!!!!!!!!!

    4 / 5

    Din't know they were

    jomod - May 3, 2014

    Made it through the 2104 winter here (near Phila). Didn't have the confidence of braking in the snow, but had no problems, never got stuck, never needed optional 4WD (have 4Matic). Took it to Cape Hatteras and had no problems in the sand. Cape Hatteras sand is deep and pitted, if you can make it there and not get stuck, you have very impressive tires. ( I did not even lower my tire pressure) On road experience is fantastic The trade-off is worth it. I spend most of my time on paved roads. Excellent for that driving experience, off road, it will handle some difficult situations well. I prefer this tire as opposed to noisy deep tread tires that may offer better off road experiences.

      4 / 5

      So far so good

      Ames - December 31, 2013

      Ok so far

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        6 sizes available for this tyre


        235/55 R17 99V TL AO
        Width 235
        Ratio 55
        Diameter 17
        Load Index 99
        Speed Index V
        255/55 R18 109Y EXTRA LOAD TL N1
        Width 255
        Ratio 55
        Diameter 18
        Load Index 109
        Speed Index Y
        275/45 R19 108Y EXTRA LOAD TL N0
        Width 275
        Ratio 45
        Diameter 19
        Load Index 108
        Speed Index Y
        275/55 R19 111W TL MO
        Width 275
        Ratio 55
        Diameter 19
        Load Index 111
        Speed Index W
        275/45 R20 110Y EXTRA LOAD TL N0
        Width 275
        Ratio 45
        Diameter 20
        Load Index 110
        Speed Index Y
        295/35 R21 107Y EXTRA LOAD TL N1
        Width 295
        Ratio 35
        Diameter 21
        Load Index 107
        Speed Index Y
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