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David More

I have been to this establishment albeit not at my choice. I needed to replace my car's battery and this was the closest shop to my house. On the first visit I was assisted by a very friendly chap but he gave me the wrong advice and fitted a battery to my car that is half the size of what it should have been. A few months after that I started having trouble with the battery and eventually had to return it to the merchant for replacement under the warranty. I also bought another battery from this establishment but a smaller one than the first one because it was the right fit for the vehicle I intended to use it for. This battery also started giving problems after a few months and, exactly like the first one, the battery was in such a bad state that it could not even be recharged. I had kept the receipt for the first battery I mentioned and after they had replaced the battery they still made me pay the difference between a small battery and a larger battery which is quite unfair seeing that they fitted the battery and I followed their professional advice. I could not find the till slip for the small battery and I was accordingly charged full price for a new battery which was clearly still under guarantee as shown by the markings the shop makes on its batteries. The shop assistant even suggested that I had either misused or abused the batteries and that they would not be willing to exchange said batteries in the future. Obviously I did nothing of the sort that they were suggesting I had done and was really left with the impression that they are just after your money and definitely not to assist and give proper service and advice. Returning clients is obviously not a priority for this place. A properly run establishment like this would have called on management to assist with the situation at hand and I would probably not have been charged any amount because of the poor quality of the batteries that were sold to me. I will definitely not be back for another visit with this establishment.

Hubri Bruyn

Be careful, staff always find extra fault to swindle you. Working staff has a bad and careless attitude, specific staff member named springbok tells managers what to do and offered me his services after hours. After my previous tyre change my wheel bearings broke just after same staff member did something there. Been there 3 times for minor stuff and I'm assured that I will never go there again.

Mario de Freitas

Friendly and efficient service. Went for Discovery insurance assessment which was done instantly.

Theo Boshoff

Very disappointed. Went to fix a puncture and they tried to spin me a story about it not being fixable and that I should change ALL the tyres. Took it to Tyremart and they fixed the puncture no problem.

Ivan Chales Magerman

Friendly stuff and always willing to assist. Thanks Stefan for your professional services. Ivan
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