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Why Do Tyres Matter?

Tyres are usually taken for granted,
until the road puts them to the test.

It's The Tyres That Stop The Car.

When it comes to your safety and driving pleasure, your tyres are the most important component on your vehicle.
The brakes stop the wheels, and the tyres bring the car to a halt.

Let's take a closer look:
Here, rubber meets the road…

The only thing that is holding your car to the road, and maintaining grip, is an area on the tyres that is the size of a hand.

And this is where it all happens:
Braking, Acceleration, Traction, Handling, Steering, Comfort.
Even the most powerful car won’t grip the road without the right tyres.
This is where MICHELIN's tyre innovation comes into play.

Your safety also depends on you, the driver.

You took the time to choose your car, and here at MICHELIN South Africa, we believe that taking the time to choose your tyres is just as important.


We can all recall the stressful situations where our tyres made a difference, whether it was for our driving pleasure and comfort, or in risky situations:

Think of that bike that came out of nowhere,



That driver in front of you who suddenly slammed on brakes,
That dog crossing the street, or


That difficult drive under a wall of rain.

Your safety does not just depend on your tyres, but also on the way that you and others choose to drive.

However, your choice of tyre will not only offer you peace of mind but also ensure your (and your family's) saftey. So, take the time to pick out safe and reliable tyres that have safe driving at the core of their design.

But How Do I Choose The Right Tyre?

To help you compare and choose your tyres, it is importat to look at four different aspects:


1. Safety

Most tyres will perform well in everyday situations, but difficult conditions will reveal their differentiating characteristics.
Choose performance tyres that can yield the best performance in the worst types of weather or roads that you encounter.
The difference can be substantial which is why MICHELIN emphasises that fact that not all tyres are equal – choosing the right ones can keep you safe.
Not all tyres are designed and manufacturerd with saftey in mind.
Choosing the right tyres will ensure that they are equipped with optimal tread and grip design that will keep you safe.


2. Value

Making a compromise on your tyre choice now could mean spending more later.
Why? Because tyres that last longer and can help you save fuel will allow you to save in the long run. Inest in high perfomrance tyres that are designed to increase your fuel efficieny, and you only need to worry about replacing them much later.

Enjoy the ride

3. Enjoy the ride

Like a shoe, a tyre needs to fit perfectly.
A simple method to try is:
1. Take any car
2. Try a different set of tyres
= An entirely different driving experience.
So, do you prefer a comfortable drive or a drive that requires precision handling that will allow you to take a corner like a pro?
Make sure that your tyres reflect your personal style and preference.

Sports Car?

4. Sports Car?

You wont find a sprinter running a race in a pair of slippers.
Likened to an athlete, your sports car won't perform at optimal levels with the incorrect tyres.
A sports or luxury car won’t feel like one unless the tyres can translate its power to the road.
When searching for tyres for your sports car, look for high perfomace tyres that mirror top tyre innovation and design.

All in one

Thanks to the MICHELIN Total Performance touch, you can rest assured that you get all of these in each of our tyres.

Sports Car

Explore our safe driving tips

Tire Safety Tips

Keep Your Tyres Safe

Most of us have notions of safe driving. But what about keeping tyres safe?
A few simple things can help avoid unfortunate experiences.

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Safety Initiatives in RSA

Safety Initiatives in RSA

Michelin Fill UP With Air is a quarterly campaign done around South Africa, aiming to help drivers keep their tyres at the correct pressure.

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