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Round 3 – Drag Racing at Smile Raceway

For this third round of the 2017 Michelin Cup series, it was time for the competitors to attack the 400m stretch and try and post some respectable times. The event was initially going to take place at Odi, but too many people didn't like this idea, probably because Odi is located about 3 minutes from hell itself and those wanting to use the loo at any time during the event would hate themselves and invent new swear words. Organisers did some research and found that Smile Raceway (also known as Extreme Raceway) in Bronkhorstspruit was more than up to the task of hosting this leg of the series. The drive to the track is brilliant, main roads with smooth tar and no potholes, and the drive gave a pretty decent breakfast run vibe. The track is a little narrow, but other than that it's actually a great venue. They also don't have permanent toilet facilities but made sure to have a pretty decent VIP toilet on hand. This, along with some cool food stalls, means the track rates about 5000 times better than the other venue. The weather was hot - HOT! This saw some of the cars struggle to lay down the times they usually do, but it was hot for everyone so it was an equal playing field. By the end of the day, the fastest cars on the strip came from the Subaru camp with two of them in deep into the 11-second bracket. That's insane; especially when you consider that the cars are mainly track-focused builds. Our money for the fastest of the day was Riaan Esterhuysen's red turbocharged Honda, we've seen it run quick times, but on this track it was struggling to get traction. A few runs even left black stripes along most of the quartermile. Not ideal for times but great to see and hear for the spectators. Once again, it was a great day out for the Michelin Cup competitors and the way the event was run saw everyone getting in multiple runs, something that doesn't usually happen at events like this. The decision to use Smile Raceway was definitely a good one, and we're sure to see the track being used again in the future for events like this.