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Petrus Zaayman

[Physically (!!) violent management] Got there asking for help after brake failure (a pad fell out). Got quoted R6900. They couldn't explain how they got to this elevated quote. (Parts needed well under R1000, job less than 40 minutes) when confronted about this, the owner intervened and promised to replace the pads and I'll be on my way. A few minutes later he called me to his office and said his technical director refuses to do the job for under R6900 and if I did not agree I'd have to drive the car away without brakes (At no stage did they do ANY tests on ANY parts). I told them that it is extortion. I then got assaulted by an elbow to the chest from the technical director. He then threatened to hit me with the fist, but didn't. I was called a disgusting name starting with 'c' and told to leave the shop and wait on the pavement for the return of my car. I refused and waited inside, keeping an eye on what they were doing to it. Got the car back with no brakes and carefully and slowly coaxed it home. The car is now fixed, took 20 minutes and costed R 475 in parts.

Johan Conradie

Work was done with excellence. Price was good and advice great. Will go there again.

Chris Tworeck

My Gran went to Speedy yesterday with a bubble in the side wall of her tire. Not only did they not change the tire for her, they accused her of stealing the vehicle, used her cellphone to make calls if there was a tire they could order (but looked like they used it to make private calls) and the best of all, they told her it was safe to drive on the tire?! Not acceptable, actually down right dangerous advise.

De Wet van Rensburg

I asked for a quote yesterday, and was quoted for half of what I asked for. I then inquired again, and was told I would receive a quote shortly. I emailed again, to follow up, and got no reply. I received a call this morning, and was informed that they did try and call me, but because of "network problems", they could not get hold of me. They could not assist me with a quote - even though 5 other places could - which I then questioned, and was assured I would receive a quote... I'm still waiting...

Tayan Brittz

Awesome pricing and friendly service. Keegan is the guy to talk to.
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