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For high performance and luxury passenger cars.
It has been superceded by the MICHELIN Primacy 3, but continues to be made in certain sizes.


Why should you consider this tyre?

car gif 09 faster shorter braking rain tyres

Increased driving pleasure with better grip and handling

Up to 2 meters shorter braking distance and better sport handling for outstanding overall performance on wet surfaces.*


*Compared to its predecessor, MICHELIN Pilot Primacy, internal test

Car picto gif lasts x miles longer tyres

Long lasting tread

Lasts 25% longer on average compared to its principal competitors.**


**On average, compared with its main European competitors. Tests carried out by DEKRA Test Center in 2010 on tyre 205/55 R 16 V and 225/50 R 17 W, with tyres available on the market at that time.

Car picto 02 consumes less fuel tyres

High performance and fuel efficiency combined.

The "GREEN X" marking on the MICHELIN Primacy HP sidewall indicates that it has one of the best energy efficiency levels on the market. MICHELIN is committed to reducing motor vehicle fuel consumption, thus cutting CO2 emissions, while maintaining all the legendary Michelin advantages of long life, safety, and other performances.


Tyre rolling resistance accounts for 20% of a vehicle's fuel consumption. Lowering it is a major environmental and economic challenge which we have achived through our Primacy HP tyre.

Car logo logo total performance tyres

Delivering a tyre that covers all your needs.

Tyres have their own personality: they need to express certain characteristics more passionately. With MICHELIN Total Performance, you gets all characteristics on top, without any compromise. All our tyres are made to cover all your need, thanks to MICHELIN Total Performance.

Design & Technology

MICHELIN Primacy HP tyre


1. Supple yet rigid tyre design (Excellent Longevity and Handling)

A supple structure to ensure that the MICHELIN Primacy HP puts as much rubber in contact with the road as possible, along with a rigid tread pattern design, providing long tread life, better handling and braking in the wet.

2. Elasto Sport Compound (Superiror Grip and Braking) An innovative tread 

compound derived from motorsport, combining for better road holding and braking on wet roads.

3. ASM optimization (Outstanding performances without compromise)

A new research process integrating three essential mechanisms used to balance a tyre's performance, known as ASM: Architecture (structure), Sculpture (tread pattern) and Materials. The result is an unprecedented balance of performances without compromise.


Standard Limited Warranty

Each and every MICHELIN tyre comes with a promise - a promise to deliver the very best. And because we have been making tyres to meticulous quality standards for more than 125 years, we back that promise. That’s why every tyre designed and manufactured by MICHELIN, is warranted by MICHELIN. Ask your dealer today about the MICHELIN 5 year warranty.

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2 sizes available for MICHELIN PRIMACY HP








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