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The Grand Tour

Michelin is proud to be Official Sponsor of
Amazon’s new show The Grand Tour. Each week Michelin gives you exclusive access to bonus content and behind-the-scenes
videos from the show.



Amazing drifts, drag races, test-driving armoured vehicles…
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back together again in a new show about cars, racing and life at the very edge of the envelope.






Michelin welcomes The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond to Ladoux; engineered to be the ultimate testing ground, this 450-hectares arena holds 27 miles of track and an array of technically demanding trials. Brace yourself. Then watch the preview and hope Richard stays the course








Four years in the making, a W16 engine that produces 1500HP, special Michelin tyres verified on jet fighter test rigs… Meet the world’s fastest car: the Bugatti Chiron. Check out this exclusive video produced by The Grand Tour to discover an astonishing automobile.






Meet Jim Mero, Ride & Handling Engineer at Chevrolet. His job: test drive Corvettes, pushing the envelope to see just how much these Corvettes can deliver. Check out our exclusive video created by The Grand Tour to see what it's like to drive fast for a living.


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