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Michelin Star Dining Experience

Michelin Stars are awarded to establishments serving cuisine, of whatever style, which is of the highest quality.

The cuisine is judged on the quality of the ingredients, the skill in their preparation, the combination of flavours, the levels of creativity, the value for money and the consistency of culinary standards. 

For every restaurant awarded a Star we include 3 specialties that are typical of their cooking style. These specific dishes may not always be available.

We would like to confirm that the Michelin Guide is currently represented in 24 countries with the same unique method, based on professional and anonymous inspectors who pay their bills.

Launched in 1990 the Michelin Guide is currently expanding on an international level. This development requires three different conditions.

It's necessary to study the gastronomic potential of the destination in order to evaluate the quality of the local culinary traditions.

The destination should also correspond to the marketing profile of the Michelin Group as well as a positive economical equation.

Wandile Mabaso is the new, young and fresh Soweto born chef who is set to disrupt the culinary scene in Johannesburg. Wandile trained in classical French cuisine in New York City, following his culinary education in South Africa. He currently specialises in contemporary French haute cuisine, where only the finest ingredients are used and treated with extreme perfection. Wandile gives special attention to detail complimented by his creative presentation.
Wandile has ventured around the world in search of the experiences that have shaped his palette and the passion that his food exudes, having cooked in Florida and New York City in addition to Europe. Most noteworthy, Wandile is back in Paris cooking at the world renowned 2 Star Michelin restaurant, Le Meurice, under legendary chef Alain Ducasse.
“Of all my experiences, my 4 years in New York City were the most valuable! I’ve had the opportunity to work at some of the finest French restaurants in Manhattan and trained under highly talented French chefs. This included my mentor, Chef Olivier Reginensi. Not only did I progress to be the Sous Chef of MaisonKayser Restaurant Group but futhermore got a taste of being in the business of food as a result of helping the group open 7 restaurants within 2 years.”

The Great Love of Our Culinary Hero

“I love getting lost… getting lost and finding my way makes every step an exploration of new things.”

- Wandile Mabaso


This past Saturday, the #ByWandilesInvitation brunch was hosted at French Toast Koffie Kafee in Hartebeespoort Dam. It was the perfect setting for this dining experience with Michelin Star Chef, Wandile Mabaso. The backdrop reminiscent of a Parisian Square; French music softly playing; a replica of the Eiffel Tower completing the look.

The 4 course brunch menu curated by Chef Wandile had the guests enthralled. Course after magnificent course was served with artful precision, each course more mouth-watering than the last! The tastes and flavours took guests on a food journey of discovery that will be remembered for years to come…

If you would like to be part of this taste discovery, visit for more information on the upcoming events hosted by Chef Wandile.

Feast your eyes on the pictures in the gallery.. Be warned that you will be left hungry…!

Photography provided by: B&C Creative

“Thank you so much for the amazing experience! It was a very warm and welcoming experience filled with great people! I wish you guys the best of success in the near future and all the best to Wandile on his journey!”

- Bradley John Penrose Segal


"Thanks for the absolute most awesome lunch ever!! Shani and myself can't stop talking about it, we loved it."

- Mikael Gouws


"What a treat – Thanks very much from both Mandy and I."

- Alex Taplin