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Michelin Cup Events

Round 7

Tar Rally

Michelin Cup Round 7 Tar Rally


The 7th event in the Michelin Cup series was a highly anticipated one. The entrants had the chance to drive on parts of the old Zwartkops  Raceway no longer in use, including the access roads to the drive-in. Some of the usual suspects were missed on the day, were the faster  Subarus. One of the Subaru drivers swapped his race car for a camera on the day. The track laid out was not overly technical, similar in length  to the VKC event, but with less turns and higher speeds. This track allowed for a few different configurations of runs. It seemed like three events in one, with no complaints coming from the competitors!

By the end of the day, the fastest time was set by Wayne Hay in his monster of a Subaru, with a combined time of 02:45.630 - a full eight seconds ahead of the nearest driver. The second and third positions overall were very close; Pierre Bester posted a 02:53.520 and Devin Robertson once again showcased his talents in his Renault Megane, with a time of 02:53.540, milliseconds separating the two. The fastest lady of the day was Nasmee'a Christian-de Oliveira with a time of 03:17.130 in her Audi S3.

In some of the classes there were only a few points between the top drivers. Those in it for the long haul, clocking up their points for the end of year prize giving, still have a pretty mean battle on their hands!

Round 8 of the Michelin Cup series will take place at The Rock Raceway S.A. on 16 September, which will take the form of a sprint event. Hoping to see all the regulars in attendance, bringing their coolest and fastest cars from past events.