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Michelin Cup Event

Round 2

Red Star Track Day

Track Session at Red Star Raceway


With most Gautengers thinking about trading their cars for jet-skis and submarines, many thought this second round of the Michelin Cup Series for 2017 might just be postponed thanks to a downpour. But guess what? Cars are waterproof, so come rain or shine, it was all systems go. Luckily the dark and overcast skies and the little bit of drizzle dried up to leave competitors with a dry track.

This leg of the series is always a fun one, especially for the big power cars,  they have the chance to stretch their legs on Red Star's long straights. On this track it was easy to see which cars had great power and which had great handling. 

The powerful motors pulled away from the pack when the track opened up, but the lesser-powered cars had the chance to catch up in the bends, getting so close that they had to back off at times. While many reckon the big cars had the advantage, the smaller ones could hold their own with a competent driver behind the wheel, and most of the entrants certainly were competent.

The field of cars entered was great, loads of fast Subarus and BMW’s came out to play, along with the usual host of Audi and Renault streetcars with the odd random manufacturer chucked in between.

The old Porsche looked great on track, as did the turbocharged Beetle that taught an A45 AMG a lesson in speed. All in all, the competitors had a good time on track.