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Michelin Cup Event

Round 1

Dyna Perfect Power

Dyno Runs at GNG


Round 1 of the Michelin Cup series kicked off with a Dyno Day at Perfect Power / GNG Developments on the 28th January 2017. Based on the successes of the 2016 series, the first event of the year saw at least 100 entries!

The Dyno Day event serves as the base of the series. Entrants need to indicate the class and power category they intend to compete in, then based on the results from the event, they will be categorized according to their vehicle’s power, to ensure that all cars compete in the right class to make the series fair for all. 

There were many return competitors at this event plus a couple of new ones… a few of the stalwarts from 2016 were missing… Nonetheless, the spread of cars were brilliant! Ranging from cars pushing out a lot of power; to cars with a little more power than the bigger cars have at idle! 

Even with the weather on the damp side, the majority of entrants pitched up for a couple of runs on the rollers, which were quite stingy if comments heard on the day were anything to go by. Be that as it may, it made no difference whether the guys made less power than they're used to, everyone was on the same rollers, on the same day, under the same conditions - a level playing field for all.

In the lower rungs there was a hard-fought battle not to be the lowest-powered car of the day, but Marcelle Joubert's Suzuki Alto managed to push out 33.9kW to beat Marko Mandusic's 33.6kW in his Kia Picanto.

At the top of the ladder we saw some great power figures from some interesting cars. The strongest front-wheel drive car seen on the rollers was Riaan Esterhuysen's Honda Civic that kicked out a very impressive 325.9kW, with the boost turned back a little!

In the 4-wheel drive class, the top dog was Feron Lee Somiah's Subaru STi with an insane 306.4kW. One noteworthy mention in the 4-wheel drive class was Feroz Ebrahim's car for this year, a Mitsubishi Evo 9, with 289.9kW.

The strongest rear-wheel drive on the day was the BMW E36 328i Turbo with 331kW - also the strongest overall on the day. With power figures sorted and classes configured properly, the rest of the Michelin Cup series for 2017 promises to be even better than the year before!