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Michelin Cup 2018

Dyno H&M tuning

Round 1

This year's entrants converged on HM Auto South Africa for the first round of the Michelin Cup ZA series - luckily this is one event when the weather doesn't matter because the heavens opened for a lot of the day.

This event is a great way to start off the year, the action is a little less because there's no need for helmets and long sleeves and seatbelts, but the guys use the event to familiarise themselves with rival competitors and their cars. The Michelin Cup ZA series uses the first event to get power figures of the cars so that they can be put in categories that gives everyone a chance to be able to win something come year end.

This does get a bit contentious but luckily the organisers and the competitors alway manage to work out fancy algorithms to make everyone happy. The results have been posted, the classes have been sorted, and everyone is ready for the second event - drag racing at Smile raceway