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Round 4 – Track Session at Vereeniging Kart Track


What must easily be the most popular event on the Michelin Cup calendar is the short and fast Vereeniging Kart Circuit. As expected, this round of the series was once again a roaring success. Last year it was a little on the rough side of freezing, so most people dressed up warmly just in case. Luckily by 10:00am things were quite warm, unlike the action on track that was on fire!

The guys were holding nothing back, evident by a few off road excursions that luckily yielded little to no damage for the unlucky guys, the worst being a damages Subaru bumper and some bent bits underneath an old rotary-powered Ford Escort. It seems many were determined to break their personal records on the VKC, and if you check out the results, some managed that - and then some. A few of the bigger cars seen taking part in the series were missing, but no one really missed them because their spots were taken up by some welcome newcomers. The silver Mk1 Golf could easily have been mistaken for a full show car, but it was actually put through its paces on the track, much to everyone’s delight.

While there was a pretty large field again, it was once again the Subarus that dominated, posting some ridiculously quick times. Just after lunch, the second session took place in the opposite direction and if you check out the results, the guys pushed to make things pretty equal, not something you will often see when a track is reversed. Great weather, great cars, great friends - that's what Michelin Cup is all about.