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We are super excited to have Boity Thulo join the Speed Stars team as one of our presenters! Boity was part of our first season and it was on the show that she got to drive a manual transmission for the very first time, so it wasn't surprising when she ended up with the ‘wooden wheel’ award for posting the slowest time.

She had so much fun during the filming process and wanted a chance to come back and redeem herself – of course we said yes, but thought it safer keeping her in front of the camera!

Boity is impossible not to love and we are really looking forward to the fresh energy she will bring to the show. 


But Boity isn’t the only star on the show. As with our first season, Speed Stars will bring you the biggest names in South Africa - a diverse mix of entertainers, sports stars and comedians - taken out of their comfort zones and given the chance to show us their race faces!

Our first guest pairing is literally David versus Goliath with David Levinsohn taking on Jason Goliath. This is guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Taking to the circuit next are the king and queen of the waves, with Chris Bertish challenging Bianca Buitendag – will they take to the track like a duck to water?

You don't get more cool than Maps Maponyane and Jonathan Boynton-Lee but who will keep it cool when these close friends meet on the race track?

Leigh-Anne Williams starts your day and Bonnie Mbuli finishes it, but who will finish on top when these two television presenters meet on screen?

If our first four celebrity guest pairings are anything to go by, we are in for a fantastic second season.